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Health Area

With the objective of giving personalized advice to those who need it, Herbolari Gran Vida provides a comprehensive health area with highly qualified professionals and therapists.

We seek to offer the best quality in service at an adjusted price.

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Natural medicine (naturist criteria)




Our ancestors taught us two principles. The first, apply all our knowledge to palliate and cure. The second – based on the fact that we are not all the same – when something is effective, there is no reason to change it.

Specific diets for weight control

Feeding in different stages: childhood, old age, pregnancy, etc.

Eating and emotional disorders: stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Advice on transition diets

Changing eating habits: how to introduce new products into our diet (algae, vegetable proteins, etc.)

Therapeutic diets: obesity, osteoporosis, constipation, diarrhea, cholesterol, diabetes, biliary liver disease, stress, anxiety, hypertension, candidiasis, etc.

Floral therapies (floral extracts)

“What matters is restoring psychic and emotional harmony to truly helping to heal” (Dr. Eduard Bach).

Emotional states

Loneliness, decay

Elderly: acceptance of their limitations

Lack of interest in the present

Insomnia, stress, anxiety

Diet Supplement

Evolution problems

Manual Therapies

In times of haste and stress, finding and recovering new avenues for the preservation of health has become a rising value. Manual therapies are the closest way to improve our quality of life.



Foot reflexology

Massage with aromatherapy

Back and whole body treatments

Lymphatic drainage (previous visit with dietitian)


Emotional accompaniment to the woman and the family in conception, delivery and postpartum. For this we have the support of the DOULAS association of Barcelona, with the World Network of DOULAS and with the professional team of the formation of “I want to be Doula” (Barcelona) where you can find a list of professionals at your service, and You can have an interview with different professionals, to have at your disposal the accompaniment that you think is closest to your needs.